• Action Packages
    are a blend of
    science and art!

  • Action Packages
    transform ideas
    into reality!

Action Packages™ are a blend of science and art!
You will move forward from thinking to doing. They are a pathway to connect and grow. Serving as reminders, refreshers and surprises to align actions with goals.

Research is the foundation of all our Action Packages. We do not stop there. We road test every experience. Our process is immersive.

You will be steeped in the art of application. We aren’t messing around. If you want to change, advance, improve and perform at your best, let’s get on with it.

Choose an Action Package from our offerings or contact us for a customized solution. Action Packages can be mixed, matched, combined and linked as an entire experience.
Each Action Package™ includes our five-step process:
1) Discovery
2) Design
3) Fine-tuning
4) Implementation
5) Assessing, coaching
    & integrating


First Stop, Our Diagnostic Center

All journeys start with the self.

We believe reflection and self-awareness are at the beginning of the trip. Until you understand who you are, how you operate and how your actions impact others, it is unlikely you will reach your destination.

We offer a select range of assessments for individuals, groups and teams. Assessments are used for developmental purposes to serve as a launching point and create a common language to improve performance. They are not used to label, confine, discipline or put people in boxes.

If you and your team have already conducted a self-examination process, we will work with you to integrate the findings into our work.

Our facilitators are certified and well-versed in the use of the following tools:

Description of each assessment and what it measures. Listed alphabetically:

 Actualized Leader Profile (ALP): Measures primary motive:  Achiever, Affirmer, Asserter

DiSC: Measures personality and behavioral style

Group Culture Profile (GCP): Measures the group’s collective behavior

Management by Strengths (MBS): Measures temperament, impacting communication

Myers Briggs Personality Assessment (MBTI): Measures personality

StrengthsFinder: Measures recurring patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior. This determines the areas that have the greatest potential for building strength.

Thomas Kilmann Conflict Instrument (TKI): Measures preferred mode of dealing with conflict: Competition, Collaboration, Compromising, Accommodating and Avoiding


High Impact People

HIP @Work (High Impact People) is a mindset for work. Many organizations have offerings for high potentials. We believe everyone is worthy of development and anyone can be part of HIP. We also know that talk is cheap, and the true mark of effectiveness is action. Consistent action.

HIPS have an unshakeable belief in bringing their talent and best self to the table in order to grow personally and professionally. HIP creates a common language to use as a foundation to upgrade performance. Having the HIP mindset paves the way for career progress. HIPS thrive by creating personal patterns of accountability, responsibility, and reliability. When HIPS are at work, you can bet that things are running smoothly, even when bumps in the road emerge.

We believe everyone is worthy of development and anyone can be HIP. We also know that talk is cheap, and the true mark of effectiveness is action. Consistent action. Is your team up for the challenge?

HIP @Work has nine elements:
1) Know thyself - All journeys start with the self 2) “We rise by lifting others.” 3) Align action with goals 4) Upgrade 5) Show vs Tell 6) Focus on what you CAN DO 7) Ask curious questions 8) Crack the Nut 9) Give thanks


Scouting for Opportunity & Bright Spots

The best way to get in touch with what is going on is to get in the trenches with those closest to the work. Looking at your business through the eyes of your customers and teammates offers insights for new opportunities.

During this exercise you will be scouting for bright spots. It’s easy to miss what is working well without intentional focus.


Rather than SWOT Analysis

The ability to activate the talent and wisdom within an organization to accomplish goals is one of the most important roles of a leader. Let’s do it!

We use positive psychology methods to uncover what is working well in order to perform better. Finding the bright spots in your organization opens your eyes to possibilities. Strengths Opportunities Aspirations Results


A Day Away

While the day-to-day operations are mission critical to the success of your organization, stepping away & removing all distractions allows space for creativity to abound. This means removing ALL day-to-day activities: No other meetings, calls, commitments to explore ideas & refresh your energy. Turn your day upside down & look at things differently.

We work with you to craft a Day Away that serves to reset & jumpstart your focus.


Explore Communication

We humans are a bundle of contradiction. We are wired to look for what is wrong, defend our beliefs and protect our feelings. Throw in diversity, whether it’s personality, culture, gender, generational, thought or a combination, a storm can quickly brew.

Embark on an exploration of communication, how it impacts service delivery, teamwork & performance. Take a deep dive into receiving feedback, conflict styles & personality. Participants will create custom communication maps to guide future performance

The ability to activate the talent and wisdom within an organization to accomplish goals is one of the most important roles of a leader. Let’s do it!


When leaders provide connection, clarity & direction, magic happens.

We explore how to craft and deliver messages with meaning that connect to purpose, mission and align actions to your goals. Participants will learn how to pack their bags with words and actions that create a culture that delights its customers and each other.

We build on the research by Jacqueline & Milton Mayfield, on Motivated Language Theory, from Texas A&M International University. They’ve been studying its application in the corporate environment for over 30 years.


For Healthcare Professionals

We conduct this tour every November as a means to live out our belief in HIP (High Impact People). We carve out time to reach out & thank those who have helped us along our journey.

This can be conducted internally, or you can sign up for small group GRIP Session (Group of Interesting People).


When you want to get everyone on the same page and perform more powerfully.

Imperfect action trumps perfect inaction.